Publié : 5 mai 2004

North by Northwest quiz : answers 2

North by Northwest quiz : Argument . Answers 2


  • 1=c
  • 2=c
  • 3=a
  • 4=c
  • 5=a
  • 6=c
  • 7=c
  • 8=b
  • 9=a
  • 10=c

Roger Thornhill, an advertising executive, is mistaken for « George Kaplan » and kidnapped by the men of a dangerous spy, Philip Vandamm.

We soon learn that Kaplan is a fictitious name, created by the CIA to protect their real agent, very close to Vandamm.
Accused of murder by the police, pursued by Vandamm, while trying to escape both, he meets a mysterious young woman (Eve Kendall), who soon appears to be deeply involved in the plot and seems to play a double game.

They end up stopping the killers atop one of the nation’s largest monuments, Mount Rushmore.

More about Mount Rushmore National Memorial :

Sculpted by Gutzon Borglum between 1927 and 1941, the granite busts of Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln represent the first 150 years of American history.

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